Our Services

Residential Services

Painting your home is one of the most cost-effective way to maintain the value and change the way you feel about your home. After years of looking at the same colour in your home you’ve decided to change/update the colour.
We offer complete residential painting services that range from interior to exterior, large or small, whole houses to one wall. Including drywall patching, baseboard repair or replacement. ceiling painting of flat or stucco ceilings, exterior siding, exterior brick painting, fence painting/staining to minor fence board replacement, deck cleaning, deck staining.

commercial painting

Commercial Services

The importance of keeping your commercial or retail business looking fresh and clean is so importance to keeping your business successful. Whether you’re updating the existing colours or doing a complete makeover we can help.
We work with you to make sure that our business doesn’t impact your business any more than is necessary. Communicating with you and your people each step to minimize the possibilities of creating an issue for anyone.


We commonly help with repairs and upgrades at Laing Painting. During the course of doing the painting project we often run into minor repair or upgrades that clients want to do, that our years of experience allow us to help. Baseboard repairs and replacement often are needed to be done or replacing a damaged door and many more. If we are staining a fence, we can do the minor repairs prior to staining, no need to have another contractor.

Cabinet Painting

We also offer kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting. If your kitchen cabinets are in need of a facelift but don’t want to spend the cost of replacing the kitchen, then painting them is your solution. At a fraction of the cost painting can give you the facelift you’re looking for! Todays new cabinet paints are designed for this purpose, drying harder than other paints allowing for the cabinets to take more abuse as kitchen cabinets do.